1. I can freely berate, hate and discriminate against white races and cultures without fear of repercussions or being labelled a racist by anyone — even the white people I openly discriminate against

‎2. I can access an array of free benefits for education, employment and substance abuse that white people cannot simply because I am a person of colour

‎3. I can turn vast, sprawling and pristine European, Australian, Canadian and British cities, towns and villages into ghettoes and not be blamed for enacting forceful segregation, mass crimewaves and general psychological torment on the peoples previously living there

‎4. I can go to a hairdressers, stores and clubs with expectations of the patrons being part of my race exclusively

‎5. I can always rely on affirmative action to help me when necessary

7. When I am told about our national heritage or about “civilization,” I am shown that people of my color made it what it is, despite never inventing the wheel, or indeed achieving anything beyond basic European architecture

8. I can openly criticize those who try to impose their values on my race (such as altruism, forward planning, moral decency and prosperous civilisation) yet I can interfere in whatever Europid community and cry racism when they express their grievances

9. I can go into a country illegally, be tolerated, commit some of the most heinous crimes, and only suffer deportation as punishment.

9.2. I can have groups of white people such as Amnesty International protest against my deportation, leaving me free to drain my victims’ society until such time as I am deemed free to terrorize them once more

10. I can claim any and all benefits for ancestry and culture despite not practicing anything native to my mother country, and having about as much in common with them as Europeans

11. I can disregard the existence of black slave owners, and enforce slavery was entirely racial rather than class based

12. I can adopt any and all other cultures and be tolerated, mostly white, while maintaining that our own cultures should be preserved and exclusive to its race of origin

13. (if applicable) I can enter a new country and sue, attack and protest because a custom in a totally different part of the world is frowned upon in my culture

14. I can claim I am equal to a race with typically higher intelligence than my own, and that we are all equal, unless the race is lesser

15. I can abuse privilege under the guise of equality

16. I can reject any and all scientific evidence proving any inferiority of my race, and in turn claim the scientists who studied, researched and proved these things are racist and have them globally shunned and discredited

A sample response to “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”. Much more to be published.

An essay by three people, each from different European cultures, with entirely different political stances sharing common ground.

M.S., P.V., E.M. 


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